Private boat tours from Split

Every single detail of your vacation thoroughly planned and coordinated

 Boat tours from Split to the Blue Lagoon 

Boat tours from Split on a comfortable speedboat with a professional local skipper who knows the best places to explore. Take a private tour with just your own group, pick your trip, select the dates that work for you and let our private groups specialists take care of the rest!
Explore hidden gems, pristine coastlines, and enchanting islands, all while enjoying the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Our small boat tours from Split ensure an personalized  boat adventure, allowing you to create lasting memories. Tours to the Blue Lagoon from Split Croatia and  private departures are a perfect way to spend your vacation! We are able to offer you boat skippered tours for individuals and in addition for your small groups. Explore the crystal-clear waters and breathtaking beauty of the Blue Lagoon in Croatia with our exceptional boat tours. Our team will make sure to thoroughly plan and coordinate every single detail of your private speedboat tour. Your own private skipper will be providing an exclusive approach with everything you need to make your vacation as pleasant as possible.

If you wish to book a tour and change itinerary, this is a tailor made tour, so everything is possible !



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