Blue Lagoon Croatia

Blue Lagoon Croatia, shallow lagoon between two small islands

Blue Lagoon Croatia | Day tours from Split to Blue Lagoon | Trips to Blue Lagoon Croatia


Blue Lagoon Croatia is situated on island Drvenik Veli in Middle-Dalmatian archipelago, only 8 nautical miles away from Trogir and 14 nautical miles from Split. .The island was first inhabited in the 15th century. The only settlement on the island is the near-eponymous village of Drvenik Veliki with a population of 168.  You can explore this small village and see the Moretti castle from 16th century  as well as the small church of Saint Juraj. On the south side of the island is beautiful bay Solinska and, most noteworthy, on the east side is a nice place Krknjaši or the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon  is a shallow lagoon between two small islands and island Drvenik Veliki. Once you enter on Blue Lagoon the color and the transparency of the sea will enchant you. You can even see all kinds of fishes and other sea animals from the lagoon bottom. The turquoise water and the breathtaking beauty makes this little paradise a must-see location.

Therefore, Blue Lagoon is a perfect location for diving, swimming or snorkeling. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to take a memorable photos  back home. In addition, there are two fish restaurants where you can enjoy in fresh fish or something else of your preference.


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