Island Solta

Tourist destination for the lovers of nature

Island Solta tourist information – Visit Blue Lagoon Croatia

The Island of Šolta is an island just opposite of Blue Lagoon and  only 9 nautical miles of distance from Split. This small island in Croatia, especially its hotel Martinis Marchi Solta is a real hidden paradise worth your visit.In past times life on Šolta was very hard. The poor karst soil and the hard work have created kind people with an open heart. It also created a specialties such as virgin olive oil and astringent wine from Šolta alongside with many fishing songs. The center of the islands tourism is Nečujam with a longest sand beach on the island, while the main port is Rogač.

The only settlement on the west side of the island is beautiful Maslinica port village. The archipelago of seven islets surrounds Maslinica which makes it unique. The most important part of Maslinica is the castle of the noble family Marchi from the 18th century. The family populated their estate with farm workers and commissioned the building of the church of St. Nicholas, on the highest hill south of the bay.

After the construction of a marina and restoration of the Marchi castle, the once small fishermen’s village gradually became a tourist and nautical center of the island. As a result, Maslinica welcomes more and more tourists and guests who come back each year. A 300-year-old castle is now a luxury heritage hotel Martinis Marchi offering amazing luxury suites and an exquisite restaurant.

This island with its hidden bays and beaches is a perfect tourist destination for the lovers of nature.




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